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Buy Hobo Signs is a business focused on helping and bringing awareness to the homeless. We interview homeless people and auction their signs for charity. All of the money from the auction goes directly to a homeless charity.

We greatly appreciate any form of involvement to assist us in our mission to help the homeless. We encourage everyone who wants to get involved to go out and interview a local homeless person (either take videos or pictures), and then send these videos and pictures to us at to be posted onto our site and social media accounts. You can also get involved by spreading the word about Buy Hobo Signs and checking out all of our social media accounts.

To donate directly to Buy Hobo Signs, click on the Donate tab. Once on the Donate page, there is a Paypal button that you can click on that will allow you to donate as much as you would like. You must either have a Paypal account or a credit card to donate online.

Otherwise, you may donate by sending a check written to Buy Hobo Signs to our P.O. Box. Our P.O. Box information is located on the Contact Us page.

Everyone who donates is listed under the Contributors List based on the amount donated.

All donations to Buy Hobo Signs are used directly towards the business (ex: Website maintenance, P.O. Box rent, equipment, interviews, merchandise, etc.).

We appreciate all donations, as they help this business run!

To purchase a Buy Hobo Signs t-shirt, please go to the Merchandise page. Here, we have pictures of our two different t-shirts: black and white. Choose which color you would like to order and click on the button below that corresponding t-shirt. From here, you are taken to Paypal where you can select the shirt size you would like to order: Medium, Large, and XL. You must have either a Paypal account or a credit card to purchase a shirt online.

As of now, we are donating to the iHOPE homeless charity and the Orange County Rescue Mission.
iHOPE provides the homeless with basic services.
The Orange County Rescue Mission provides housing and living necessities to the homeless in a campus. They currently house nearly 200 homeless people and help them recover from poverty and acquire a job over a course of time.
We may decide to also donate to other homeless charities in the future.

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