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Feeding Chili to the Homeless


Some pictures and videos from a couple weeks ago, helping the Orange County Rescue Mission feed chili to the homeless!

Looking forward to helping out at future events and interviewing some of the loca…

OCRM Chili Truck: Helping the Homeless

This past Tuesday, our team once again helped out at the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Chili Truck outreach. Over 50 homeless people attended to receive a free meal of chili and free clothes and other items. It was really great to help out and we hope to start interviewing the homeless at these events in t…

Linda Horton’s Sign up for Auction!!! Bid for Charity!

Hello everyone!

We want to announce that Linda Horton’s cardboard sign is now up for auction on eBay for Charity! You can also listen to her story on YouTube! Please bid on her sign, as all proceeds go to the charitable organizations Orange County Rescue Mission and iHOPE! The Orange County Rescue Mission houses and provides living essentials to almost 200 homeless people! They help them…

Inspiring Story Posted on our Facebook Page

We very recently received a post on our page that we felt was very inspiring and touched all of our hearts.

It reads: “I was homeless for thirty years, but didnt call myself homeless, we were street people, we were there cuz we wanted to be, to enjoy our freedoms while we were young enough to do so. But 90 percent of the good folks out there now are homeless thru no fault of their own and they…

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Hello everyone! We want to update you all with our most recent addition to the website! You can now add your email to receive all of our newsletters! This will give you updates, news, and great deals that you can only get if you are on our newsletter! So, don’t hesitate to sign up! Thanks for your support!

Sign up by scrolling down her…

Online Store Expansion

We have recently expanded our online store with CafePress! Check it out and buy some of our cool merchandise! Remember that 30% of the profit from this merchandise goes to the homeless charity iHope! Help us make a difference and thanks for your support!!!

These items are available on the bottom of our merchandise page! Just scroll down, they are below our two featured…

Third Interview and Auction – Linda Horton (Bid For Charity!!!)

One of our first interviews was of Linda Horton, so the video is not the best quality (we had to use iphones). Her sign is now up for auction and there is 10 days to place a bid, all of the proceeds going to iHope (a homeless charity). Please help the homeless and bid!

Our previous auction was successful and sold for $46! So far we have raised $77 for homeless charities through these auctions!

Second Interview and Auction – Debbie Ryan (Bid For Charity!!!)

Our first auction was a success, with Bill Carpenter’s sign selling for $31. Let’s keep up the good work with this week’s auction!!! This week we interviewed Debbie Ryan who told us her whole story of how she became homeless. Please bid on her sign and watch her interview! 100% of the proceeds from the sign will go to the homeless charity iHope.

Click here to watch the interview

Click her…

Buy Hobo Signs O.C. Register Article


You may have recently seen a group of high school students trekking around Dana Point, camera phones out, talking to some of the local homeless.
These students aren’t working on a project for school; rather, they are the founding members of Buy Hobo Signs, an organization whose aim is to share the stories of local homeless people and help raise money…

First Interview and Auction is up!!! Bill Carpenter’s Sign!!! Bid for Charity!!!

Please bid on Bill Carpenter’s sign and watch his interview. 100% of the money from this auction will go to a homeless charity (iHope). Please help us make a difference!!!

Bid on this sign by clicking here!

Watch the Interview by Clicking…

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